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Decent, but not the best work you've done.

I'm not totally insane about the music, but at least the animation was pretty good. The animation was kept simple, yet not too great. I liked your other work more because you can show the meaning of every song through your work. That's what makes it amazing! But still, it wasn't too bad, and it still has that bright feel to it I guess.

So I hope you keep posting more of your work and keep it up!
3/5 & 7/10

Not bad at all.

Very interesting flash. Very smooth stop-motion animation. Some parts were sorta funny. Music also went well, including the drawings.

Would Like to see more of your work. :)
9/10 & 4/5

turtleco responds:

gllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd you liked it chinesboar1995, you're 15 right? magic

Wow...Very Random...

Indeed, this is one of your shortest pieces of work. And it certainly caught me by surprise! Here's an idea: why don't you try having a collection of your latest works, like Egoraptor did with his AWESOME series. That way, you wouldn't post a single flash that's less than 30 seconds long...like this one. Again, it's just an idea.

Keep up with the awesome work anyway!
4/5 & 8/10

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Awesome game :D

After playing for a couple minutes, I enjoyed playing this game. It's pretty much like any other kind of TD game, but this one is a lot more interesting. I love it how the instrument towers are used as your defenses and other musical symbols are used to assist you (like the decrescendo). The song choices are very good too. I would like to play this game more often whenever I can. I am hoping many more songs will be added into the game, hopefully maybe in the creator's webpage or something like that.

This game is farizzle, and I strongly suggest TD fans to play this.
This game TOTALLY earns it's 5's & 10's
Simply a brilliant game, I tell ya...

Very close like Canabalt

The feel of it definately does feel like Canabalt. Like the long leaps and jumps over obstacles (in this game only bad ninjas) and the terrible fail once you fall off. And you also added some new stuff to the mix: a shooting mechanism to clear your path of obstacles, the double jump action, and the ability to slow down or speed up the game. However, just like Canabalt, it's always neverending and the jumps keep getting harder.

A fun game to play when bored of Canabalt.
4/5 & 8/10

YailenkoGames responds:

Great review. Thanks!

Wierd, but ok :)

This is a wierd game to play, how someone...or something...has such appetite for so many hamburgers...and he has to pass through obsticles?!! Haha, yeah.
The contoling of this game is kinda hard, and the obstacles may be a pain. But then again, I like how the what the thing keeps saying after he dies.

Overall, this is a good game, and it's nice to see this win 5th in the Daily Winner.
3/5 & 8/10

(ps: not bad on the artwork, Nqkoi1)

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Very funny and good job.

It's been quite a long time since I had listen to you guys. And this song...well it's something new. And it's always cool when you try something new.
I really enjoy this song. Besides all the humorous lyrics, the beats were simple and smooth, though it tends to get a little repetitive. I also enjoyed the auto-tuned vocals for the chorus (BTW was that choir vocals I hear in the background of the chorus?).

Different from your older stuff, but still rocks!
4/5 & 9/10

Not bad for 5-year old

Very simple, some-what of a neat variety of patterns with the instruments, and very nice riffs (especially in the end. The only thing about this is, even though this is a loop, you got to at least connect the ending with the beginning. That way, the song can just be one continuous flow, being played over and over again. Other than that, it's an enjoyable song to play, makes me feel good.
BTW: What music program did you use to make this?

Good job. Keep it up! :D
4/5 & 8/10

Turn it up a little up louder...

At first I was thinking "Nah, there isn't gonna be any vocals for this", but as the song goes along, it finally shows up. This is a really impressive song, and yet you guys can do so much more with it. I really like all the guitar work and all that, sounds a wee bit mesmerizing to me. What you guys needed improving on is the sound; it needs to get turned up some more. It sounds a little hard, if not turned up all the way, to hear the song. Also, try to find a better mic.

A pretty good song, yet so much can be done.
4/5 & 8/10

TheViolentVendetta responds:

Cheers buddy. I'm using Audacity atm, which isn't brilliant, and my tech skills aren't exactly professional either :L
As for the mic, yeah I'm aware that it's shocking, you got any recommendations?

When you say much to be done, in turns of song or recording?

I am music-maker, lyricist, singer, piano/guitar/drum/pa rt-time sax/horrible violin player, actor, wanna-be big-time actor/writer/directo r of movies, and most importantly: somebody.

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